This Is Freedom: Rayna’s Story (Paperback)
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This Is Freedom: Rayna’s Story (Paperback)

(3 customer reviews)


Publisher: KB publishing
Publishing date: August 2019
Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches
Book-length: 55
ISBN: 978-0-578-54894-4


“This is Freedom: Rayna’s Story” is the first book of the upcoming series that will share the journey to the liberation of different animals that are held in various types of captivity. In releasing this series Katherine hopes to spread awareness to the generations to come as well as empower the youth to be the change they want to see in the world.

Katy has a deep realization that the circus is no place for an elephant when she looks into the eyes of Rayna. She then makes it her mission to spread the word about Rayna, the unhappy circus elephant. With the help of a large community, Katy is able to set Rayna free. This sweet picture book demonstrates how one little girl’s compassion and bravery to speak up for the voiceless can make a great impact in a community and in the life of an innocent animal

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for This Is Freedom: Rayna’s Story (Paperback)

  1. VE

    This is such an important book. Although it’s an elementary grade book with cute pictures and a simple to follow story-line, the message kids can take away from it is invaluable. This story teaches children about sharing compassion and empathy for all living beings — not just humans. Children learn about the reality of animal cruelty as they follow this story, and are taught along the way that their voices matter. That with their voices, they CAN achieve a happy ending.

    With the rise of the “wise adolescents” (from the Parkland school shooting victims to environment activist Greta Thunberg) children of today are shaking the world with their powerful voices and standing up for creating a safer and better world for many generations to come.

    Children now are more conscientious then ever before. They are not only an inspiration for us all but a force to be reckoned with. These empowered children demanding for a better world are tackling adult issues head-on and are the faces of our future. And it all begins with education. It all begins with books like these.

    I firmly believe this book will spark the mind of a future activist or leader. Or maybe a whole bunch of them…ready to create a safer world for everyone; human and animals alike.

    I highly recommend this pleasant book for your little ones. I would say it’s ahead of its time…but with the rise of these young, educated and compassionate trailblazers, I say it’s precisely right on time.

    10/10 recommend. Every young mind needs this book!

  2. Meli

    My daughters love this book! Super important message and the illustrations are adorable. They were happy with Rayna’s happy ending and now understand the truth about the abuse in the circus without it being shown to them in a graphic way. I love it! Let’s continue to shine light on our children so they can grow to change the world for the better!!!!

  3. Danielle Cosgrove (verified owner)

    This book is fantastic. I’m so happy that this series is coming out for children to be inspired to see things in the world that need action and to TAKE action. The lesson this book gives is so important, that it is possible to be the change, that you can stand up and make a difference for things you care about. Thank you Katherine for putting out young literature that will change the way children think and ACT. This matters so much!

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